The toy hauler range from Patriot Campers is the most customisable product available from the leaders in overlanding technology; offering the toughest basecamp toy hauling solution for outdoor enthusiasts across the globe. The adventure isn’t waiting for you at home, so why are your toys?

With three Toy Hauler variants, you can choose the right model to suit the toys you’ve got now, and the toys you’ll have later.


The TH610 is 6.1 metres long in total; including the base camp section up front, which provides storage, water, power, kitchen facilities and more. Not only will you haul your toys to remote, off road destinations, but you can camp there with them for longer.


SLEEPS 0 – 4
2400L (85ft³) STORAGE


The TH730 follows the same design cues as the 610, but with more space, totalling 7.3m long from the hitch to the end of the deck. If you’re looking for more space to accommodate a larger, four door side by side, or if you simply have more off road toys to haul, the TH730 is a winning choice.

SLEEPS 0 – 4
2000KG (4400lbs) DRY TARE WEIGHT*
2400L (85ft³) STORAGE



The TT730 abandons the full base camp station at the front, in favour of a smaller storage compartment, which is ideal for storing racing gear, tie down straps, recovery equipment, a portable fridge, or anything else you could think of.


1200KG (2645lbs) DRY TARE WEIGHT*
570L (20ft³)  STORAGE

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