The Toy Hauler range from Patriot Campers is the most customisable product available from the leaders in overlanding technology. Offering the toughest basecamp toy hauling solution for outdoor enthusiasts across the globe, with a Patriot Campers Toy Hauler you can get off road and bring all your toys along for the ride. 

With three Toy Hauler variants, you can choose the right model to suit the toys you’ve got now, and the toys you’ll have later. 

Each of our Toy Haulers earns their title from the deck capacity available. Choose between a massive 2.4 metre wide and 3.1m long deck with the TH610, or opt for more space with the TH730, which boasts a larger 2.3 metre wide and 4.15m long deck, and has been designed specifically for larger four-door side by sides, or multiple toys.

Also available is the TT730, which replaces the base camp station up front with a smaller storage compartment, to provide even more room on the back to accommodate for larger off-road vehicles and even a full-size trophy truck.



The TH610 is 6.1 metres long in total; including the base camp section up front, which provides storage, water, power, kitchen facilities and more. Not only will you haul your toys to remote, off road destinations, but you can camp there with them for longer. 

The original inspiration for the TH610 was to have the ability to tow one side by side and a few additional toys for a boys trip, or a weekend getaway with the family. Over time, the boat became a must-have, and so the boat loader was designed and provided as an option for the TH610 model only. 

To load the boat, position the boat in place, hook up the 4000 pound winch and the boat will use the easy roll nylon rollers load itself on top of the Toy Hauler in a matter of minutes. The largest tinny this Boat Loader will house is 3.9 metres long and 1.65 metres wide, with a maximum weight of 200kg. An optional Outboard motor holder is also available, and will hold any outboard up to 30 horsepower. 

While the boat loader and platform have been designed for tinnies, the number of uses is unlimited and some opt to load their platform with kayaks, swags, or other items instead.


The TH730 follows the same design cues as the TH610, but with more space, totalling 7.3m long from the hitch to the end of the deck. If you’re looking for more space to accommodate a larger, four door side by side, or if you simply have more off road toys to haul, the TH730 is the winning choice. 


Built for the racing enthusiast, the TT730 abandons the full base camp station at the front, in favour of a smaller storage compartment. This storage is ideal for racing gear, tie-down straps, recovery equipment, a portable fridge, or anything other gear may need on race day. 

On either side of the storage compartment sits a space for jerry cans, and you’ll also notice the water filler and pump, giving you access to 115L of water. 

This refined model is ideal for those that need the off road ability of a Toy Hauler, but may not be living off the Toy Hauler for long periods of time. The TT730 is designed specifically for a race team and is the ultimate recovery platform for trophy trucks, bikes and buggies.


Patriot Campers Toy Haulers vary mostly in size, with many features shared across the three models. The deck itself has been manufactured to the maximum legal width to allow for as much Toy Hauling capacity as possible. 

The wheel guards are reinforced with marine-grade aluminium, so you can park your toys directly on top and utilise every inch of space available. When not in use for storage, these reinforced spaces can also double as benchtops and are positioned at the right height, they make for practical preparation areas at camp. 

The Toy Hauler chassis is interlocked, galvanised and hot-dipped for maximum strength and minimal weight. The damage-resistant, hardwearing 5mm thick aluminium plate lets you put any kind of toy on the deck without having to worry. This aluminium plate also provides grip, so you won’t have to worry about anything loaded sliding around on the back.

Together, the chassis and the deck integrate for a seamless construction; earning the Toy Hauler the ‘Unstoppable’ badge, as this massive rig is almost as nimble as our X-Range of camper trailers. Underneath, engineers have protected all vulnerable areas to deflect stones, and heavy-duty bash guards have been fitted to the sides of the Toy Hauler to protect against wayward obstacles while on or off road.

As the deck is the maximum legal Australian width, these bash guards will take a beating if you find yourself stuck on a tight track. Behind the base camp module or storage box at the front, you’ll also find a dedicated space for your own high lift jack and a mounted set of Maxtrax, which are ideal for assisting in off road recoveries.

Tying down your toys has been made easy with the Anchor-Flex points embedded into the deck. These feature side to side adjustability, and a 360 degree, swivelling tie-down point, load rated to suit any type of off road toy. The winning combination of adjustability and strength gives you the freedom to tour with confidence behind any rated 4wd, knowing your gear will stay exactly where you left it, even in the most corrugated conditions. 

With a Patriot Campers Toy Hauler, you can tow almost any configuration of ATVs, mountain bikes and dirt bikes, tinnies or kayaks, and anything else you can strap down. Or when you’re itching to hit the race track, load up the side by side.


Whether you’re camping with your closest mates, or with the entire family, the Camper Trailer module at the front of the TH610 and TH730 models offers a complete base camp for your next getaway. This complete base camp packs accommodation, storage, power, and utilities into an extremely compact unit. 

Similar to the X1-N, the Base Camp module on the front of our Toy Haulers fits a number of Roof Top Tent options, so you can choose the accommodation option that suits you best. Some of the most popular options include; James Baroud Evasion, iKamper SkyCamp 4, iKamper X-Cover, or the Darche Hi-View 1800.

Both the TH610 and TH730 models also come equipped with a 180-degree awning, to provide a generous throw of shade over your campsite in a matter of minutes.


The base camp module includes plenty of storage, equipping you with the ability to stay off the grid for longer. Totalling over 2400L these storage areas are accessible through anti-vibration latches designed to keep your gear secure, dust-free while preventing the compartments from shaking open on unruly tracks and corrugations or while taking the Toy Hauler off road. 

The clever storage spaces in the TH610 and TH730 Basecamp Module allow for both bulky storage and wet storage. This is perfect for racing helmets, boots, fishing gear, wet clothes and hunting equipment. Our Toy Haulers tend to go on longer, rougher trips, and so we’ve included more wet storage in them than our camper trailers.  

Every internal storage compartment is fully carpeted with marine-grade carpet, and a dry food storage drawer rolls out to reveal plenty of food storage.


There’s nothing harder to get in the middle of the outback than a decent meal, that’s why our Toy Haulers have been designed with the L-Shaped kitchen.

The Patriot Campers L-Shaped Kitchen starts with after you open the door to roll out your choice of portable fridge, a kitchen sink and cutlery compartments. This is contained all in the one, sturdy slide which comes complete with a stabilizer leg for longer stays. Next, simply unlatch your side compartment, for access to the pantry and stainless steel scratch-resistant food preparation areas. 

The kitchen has direct access to the 115L water tank, and the gas hot water system. When used together, the water pump delivers temperature-controlled water straight to the kitchen sink. After washing up in the kitchen sink, attach the drainage hose, so you can drain the water away from camp. 

If you decide to option on a secondary water tank then you will have easy access to either 115L or 230L of water. When used with the gas hot water system, the water pump delivers temperature-controlled water straight to the kitchen sink. The gas hot water system also comes with a showerhead attachment, which is long enough to set up metres away from camp, to avoid water run-off into the campsite, for no-fuss hot showers.


At the front of the Base Camp Module, you’ll find the front box, or what we have dubbed ‘Man Cave’. Unlatch the lid and you’ll find a utility shelf and a BBQ swing away platform specially designed to fit a Weber BabyQ. 

The entire front box is marine carpeted, much like the other storage areas in the base camp module. This area is ideal for storing jerry cans or any other bulky items, and the utility shelf offers a unique storage solution for hoses, straps, tools, and BBQ equipment. 

On either side of the mancave, there are two gas bottle holders, perfectly placed for quick access when firing up the BBQ or setting up the outdoor shower.


When going off-grid with toys, you are going to need a lot of power. With a number of power inputs and outputs the Toy Hauler Base Module is designed to keep all of your gear charged and ready to go. 

Powering the base camp module is a total of 300 amp hours of power, routed through the Redarc Battery Management System, delivering power to all 12 volt outlets and a 350 watt inverter. Charging can be done through a 240 volt input, vehicle charging through the anderson plug, or through solar inputs. And thanks to the Manager 30, you have full visibility of your power input and draw. 

There’s nothing like the atmosphere at camp, and with the Toy Haulers powerful Fusion Stereo Speaker System and LED Utility lighting, your campsite will become the heart of your trip, for added comfort in the wilderness.


Just like Patriot’s X-Range of camper trailers; Patriot Campers Toy Haulers are built to be UNSTOPPABLE. Haul your toys to remote, untouched destinations and live out of your Toy Hauler for days or weeks on end.

The DO35 hitch from Cruisemaster offers a seamless, drop-on attachment, with 360-degree articulation to tackle the toughest tracks and avoid drawbar twisting. 

The suspension under the Toy Hauler models was made to eat up off road tracks. The XT All Terrain, dual shock suspension system with double convoluted Air Bags is made to withstand the weight of any gear in harsh off road conditions, floating over uneven obstacles in a way that you would only expect from a Patriot Camper. 

Underneath the chassis, you’ll find the spare, spacesaver tyre, and two super heavy-duty aluminium ramps that make the deck accessible for motorised gear. The ramps are long enough to provide the ideal incline, which is not too steep to comfortably load your toys on to the deck. Lightweight for easy handling, these ramps tuck away underneath the chassis once you’re finished with them. 

Also located on the deck is a convenient service hatch, which provides easy access to the airbags, suspension and 12 inch electric drum brakes. The self-levelling airbag suspension system comes standard on the TH610 and TH730 models. Due to the load that is put on these rigs, we wouldn’t fit it with anything else, and this gives you the ability to automatically level your toy hauler once you get to camp.

The Toy Haulers also feature an inbuilt air compressor outlet, which you can use to pump up the tyres of the Toy Hauler, or on any of the toys you bring with you. To round out the suite of off road features are mud-terrain tyres as standard in PCOR alloy wheels. 

Patriot Campers Toy Haulers are built to tackle the toughest off road conditions, so you can haul all of your toys in a number of configurations to suit different trips and applications. Pair that with the accommodation, power and utilities packed into the base camp module of the TH610 and TH730, and you’ve got a self-sustaining, thriving campsite for days or weeks at a time. 

Contact your local Patriot Campers dealer for more information on the Toy Hauler Range, which is available now, worldwide.

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