Scrutinized by Camper Trailer Australia, the X3 has been dubbed Australia’s best Camper Trailer since its inception in 2020. Now Australian manufacturers Patriot Campers have released the next iteration of their award winning X3. Pre-orders for the GEN2 X3 are now being accepted at all Patriot Campers Authorised Dealers

Introducing the all-new, next-generation X3 by Patriot Campers is an Australian made Camper Trailer designed for travellers who want it all without compromising maneuverability and performance off-road. Experience the convenience of fully automated setup and lock/unlock features, effortlessly transforming your off-road camper trailer into a comfortable living space. Boasting an innovative design that combines style and functionality, the new generation X3 features soft-opening and closing doors, eliminating the need for external latches. Don’t let the sleek design fool you – this Australian made off-road camper trailer is built to tackle any terrain, ensuring you can venture further and explore more without ever sacrificing comfort or convenience.



The GEN2 X3 from Patriot Campers is the perfect choice for those looking for a fully automated and convenient camping experience. It features an all-new electric roof with EXORACK™, allowing users to set up their campsite quickly and conveniently with just the press of a button. Not only does this make setting up camp easier, but it also allows you to store additional items on the hard roof while traveling – making your next adventure more efficient than ever before! For even greater convenience, customers can opt for a 120W Fixed Redarc Solar Panel as an added option. With this feature, users can enjoy a hassle-free camping experience without the need for manual lifting.


One of the most notable innovations is the introduction of a new central locking system and soft-touch buttons, eliminating the need for traditional latches. This advanced feature streamlines access to all compartments, providing users with a seamless and secure way to operate the X3. With just a touch of a button, doors can be easily opened or closed, enhancing convenience and simplifying the overall camping experience. This cutting-edge technology not only improves functionality but also adds a sleek and modern touch to the design.


Camping is all about the outdoors, but it definitely doesn’t hurt to have somewhere comfortable to retreat to. The X3 enjoys the best set up and pack down experience of our entire range, and benefits from new design technology and materials. 


  • New upholstery design: Experience the perfect blend of comfort and style with the revamped seating area. The updated design features a modern aesthetic that elevates the overall ambiance of the camper trailer and the attention to detail and high-quality materials ensure a long-lasting and comfortable seating area 
  • Spacious internal living area features ample storage, an oversized bed, and a lounge area complete with a slide-out dining table
  • Strategically placed heating vents for optimal airflow
  • Bedding retainer: Maintain a neat and organized sleeping space as it securely holds bedding in place when flipping the roof over during set up and pack down
  • Gel top pocket spring Patriot Mattress™
  • External poles design allows for easier set up experience
  • 75L fridge access: Easily store and access food and beverages from inside the main cabin


Patriot Campers’ RIGILITE™ GEN2 chassis is designed to provide superior durability and strength. Built with hot-dipped galvanized steel, this sturdy, compact design features extended frame members as standard. To make hitching up and unhitching your tow vehicle easy, the RIGILITE™ chassis comes with a convenient flip-up jockey wheel. Our revolutionary patent-pending body panel construction method also ensures reduced metal fatigue over time, plus a neat and streamlined look for your camper trailer. As an added convenience, the spare tyre is stored neatly underneath the Camper Trailer.



The front end of the X3 showcases a textured black, UV-stable, and impact-resistant exterior. The newly designed front box reduces the overall tare weight while maintaining strength and durability. Patriot Campers now offers a unique and updated composite gas bottle holders for their customers. This new design is equipped with a swing-out door that can carry two gas bottles, twice the capacity compared to the previous GEN1 X3. Additionally, the compartments have also been redesigned, allowing for effortless sliding in of heavy gas bottles, making it easier to store and secure them. The upgrade also includes enhanced gas bottle guards that are made from molded composites, providing superior durability and protection.



Leave nothing behind with the X3’s generous storage space. Featuring over 1800 litres of storage capacity with ingeniously designed compartments integrated throughout the camper trailer frame, to maximise the storage space available. 

Every drawer, shelf and compartment has been designed with a specific use in mind. The large, right hand side compartment was constructed specifically to house a portable toilet, the underseat storage in the cabin is intended for clothes, and the large floor of the interior can house large, bulky campsite furniture. The kitchen has ample storage for all of your pantry items, with compartments made specifically for common groceries like cans, eggs and bread.

Both the backrest and the bench seat in the lounge area can be opened to reveal extensive stow away areas, one of which can be loaded from the outside when the camper trailer is packed away, via a large rear access drawer. Utilize the two wet box storage areas for dirty clothes, muddy boots, towels, and more, keeping your living space clean and clutter-free. Benefit from the military-inspired Molle Panel accessory holders fitted on both side doors, offering additional, versatile storage solutions for all your camping gear.



Experience the power and versatility of the GEN2 X3, designed to keep you connected and comfortable during your off-road adventures with an impressive suite of electrical capabilities. Equipped with a REDARC 1500 watt inverter as standard, the X3 can even run a coffee machine no matter how remote you are. 

The X3 features two, 150amp hour batteries, whose charge is managed by the Redarc Rogue and Redvision system. Charge your X3 when driving through the rugged anderson plug, from the optional solar panel, or by 240v external power. 

Enjoy the convenience of High Voltage Accessory Shore Power, which comes standard with the X3. With two outlets in the kitchen, and one located inside the cabin. Multiple USB outlets are in the kitchen, the rear of the trailer, and in the bedroom, to provide easy access to power when you need it most.  Set the mood at your campsite with four underbody lights, which create an inviting atmosphere and increase safety at night, by deterring any unwanted guests All lighting in the X3 is dimmable and can be effortlessly managed directly via the camper’s app, giving you full control over your environment.


Patriot Campers has a skillfully designed their Camper Trailers to be a masterpiece when it comes to offroading and triumph in the toughest terrains. Weighing in at under 1.2 tonnes dry and featuring an impressive 36° departure angle, you’ll always be ready to conquer the next adventure with ease.

Experience a superior ride the proprietary X-Cruise suspension system. This cutting-edge technology minimises unsprung mass, resulting in a smoother ride with reduced vibrations and jolts. The X3 feature Progressive Rate Airbags in their suspension systems, guaranteeing exceptional ride quality and leveling abilities, regardless of the landscape.

The new rear bar located at the back of the trailer offers protection against rocks and debris while increasing the departure angle and clearance for better load distribution when towing.

Rounding out the offroad features are PCOR 261 Signature Alloy Wheels. Offering a positive offset, decreasing leverage on the stub axle for increased strength and resistance against breakages. Equipped with 33 inch Mud-Terrain Tyres and 12-inch electric brakes, the X3 is prepared for any off-road challenge. A heavy-duty air compressor comes standard on the X3, allowing you to easily level your camper trailer on uneven ground. And now the new quick connect fitting on the X3 means you can now inflate your tyres directly from the X3’s compressor too.



Enjoy the familiar comforts of an L-shaped kitchen layout, bringing the convenience of your home kitchen right to your campsite. Boasting stainless steel, scratch-resistant benchtops, you can confidently prepare your meals directly on the surfaces without any worry of damage. Easily roll out the newly designed fridge slide, discovering a sleek modern stainless steel sink, a cleverly designed cutlery drawer, a convenient pop-up bench above the sink, and a handy towel rack underneath. Indulge in instant hot water access as the sink connects seamlessly to your Truma hot water system, to supply steaming hot water to the kitchen sink, shower, and to rapidly warm the cabin. 

Organise your groceries effortlessly with the X3 kitchen’s thoughtfully designed storage drawers, tailored to accommodate common items such as canned goods, bread, tin foil, eggs, spices, and more. Keep your food fresh and cool in the perfectly fitted Dometic 75L dual-zone fridge, allowing you to keep the beers chilled and the important stuff frozen when away from home. Pair that with the Dometic two burner gas stove, which has an impressively high heat output at twenty thousand BTU and is easy to operate with a push button ignition and an easy-access gas fitting on the side. Integrated panels protect from wind, dust and water for reliable cooking outdoors.


An optional diesel hot water system and tent heater provides hot water on demand to the kitchen sink and fixed shower hose, and heats the X3 tent faster and more effectively than ever before. Heating vents encircle the main bed area for efficient heat distribution, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Refilling the 150L water tank just got easier, thanks to the outward-positioned water filler inlet. The improved single-tank design, combined with an enhanced water filter and breather system, ensures a clean and reliable water supply. 


The X3 now features the new Australian Made Canvas Awning, crafted for its durability and resilience against harsh weather conditions, and featuring two LED lights at the kitchen and the rear staircase, increasing safety and usability. 

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